September Athletic Awards

The Alliance High School Athletic Department has awarded their monthly award winners for the month of Septembers. The awards that will be given out on a monthly basis are designed to recognize student-athletes, coaches, and community members that are making a positive impact on Alliance City Schools and the community. 

September's Lieutenant Commander was awarded to Kevin Frazier. "Kevin is a leader in athletics, our school, and in our community. He has been a two time team captain for the football team. He has a presence that unifies our team. Beyond that he is active in our school as a member of NHS, school musicals, and Jetsetters. Whenever help is needed, Kevin is always willing to volunteer." The Lieutenant Commander is the highest ranking Naval Aviator. As such, the AHS Athletics Lieutenant Commander is a student-athlete that makes a positive impact on their teammates, in the school, and in the community.

Charlie Ekey was awarded the Aviator Pride award. "Charlie is always supporting his teammates. He's proud to wear the Aviator logo. At meets he cheers for his teammates and also supports runners from other schools. He demonstrates great sportsmanship." The Aviator Pride award is given to an AHS student that exemplifies school pride, is a positive supporter of our athletic programs, and models good sportsmanship.

September's Outstanding Co-Pilot was Coach David Lipely. "Coach Dave is an assistant coach of the girls HS (soccer) team as well as the head coach of our Middle School team. He runs all of our winter off-season workouts and has also taken on the role of planning pre-game warmups. It takes a huge burden off the head coach to know this is taken care of on game day. He shows creativity in how to get the girls prepared and is known for motivating pre-game pep talks. The girls soccer program owes a great deal of success to Coach Dave." The outstanding Co-Pilot is an assistant coach that goes above and beyond to support their head coach to make a positive impact on their program and our athletic department.

Lastly, our Most Valuable Flight Deck award winner for the month of September is Bill and Milly Hurford. "Bill and Milly are the people behind the scenes that never get any credit. They selflessly give their time and resources to make Alliance Athletics a great experience. Youth Football, Youth Cheer, and Top Gun wouldn't happen without them. They would do anything to help." The Most Valuable Flight Deck is  awarded to a member of the community that selflessly supports Alliance Athletics

Congratulations to our September award winners! Thank you for the positive impact that has been made on Alliance City Schools.