Oct Awards

The Alliance High School Athletic Department has awarded their monthly award winners for the month of October. The awards are given out on a monthly basis and designed to recognize student-athletes, coaches, and community members that are making a positive impact on Alliance City Schools and the community. 

October’s Lieutenant Commander was awarded to Jayda Patrick. “Jayda Patrick is a senior captain on the girls’ soccer team, and she really takes pride in wearing the Aviator A. She goes above and beyond in her role as captain, taking care of equipment, and staying after to clean up the team area after games.” The Lieutenant Commander is the highest-ranking Naval Aviator. As such, the AHS Athletics Lieutenant Commander is a student-athlete that makes a positive impact on their teammates, in the school, and in the community. 

Rayden Carver and Chris Hall were awarded the Aviator Pride award. “Rayden Carver and Chris Hall took initiative in organizing a spirit bus to the football team’s playoff game at Aurora. They presented the idea, lined chaperones, and promoted it with their classmates. They stated, ‘We got to be there for our guys!’” The Aviator Pride award is given to an AHS student that exemplifies school pride, is a positive supporter of our athletic programs, and models good sportsmanship. 

October’s Outstanding Co-Pilot was Coach Adam Filo. The Outstanding Co-Pilot is an assistant coach that goes above and beyond to support their head coach to make a positive impact on their program and our athletic department. “Coach Filo doesn’t know a lot about running, but he does an amazing job connecting without athletes and also his students! I’m really excited for him to be part of the boy’s tennis program in the spring. He’s going to be a great coach for our athletic department.” 

Lastly, our Most Valuable Flight Deck award winner for the month of October is Greg Parrish. “Greg Parrish is a retired tennis coach from Mount Union and retired tennis pro from Alliance Country Club. Greg has been supporting our tennis teams for years. He has donated multiple rackets and tennis apparel to players in need.” The Most Valuable Flight Deck is awarded to a member of the community that selflessly supports Alliance Athletics. 

Congratulations to our October award winners! Thank you for the positive impact that has been made on Alliance City Schools.